Gaiarine / Vigneti Barsè
Gaiarine /
Vigneti Barsè
The Barsè vineyards has deep, old soils with an even clay-like structure due to sediment being transported down by the river. The high concentration of clays, which expand during the winter season absorbing excess water, makes these soils highly plastic, while during the dry summer season they tend to crack. They also cause a reduction in vineyard yields, which leads to higher alcohol levels and more complex structure in the wines. These vineyards produce the grapes for our Barsè wines.
Refined in barriques
Red 75 cl. 13% vol.
It is obtained from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc before then being fermented in steel and refined in barrique. It presents an intense ruby red colour. A complex bouquet, fruity, spicy, with hints of vanilla, liquorice and dry hay. In the mouth it has excellent structure, aristocratic and full-bodied, blending well with red meat dishes in general and mature cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 18-20 °C.
Savignon I.G.T.
Red 75 cl. 12,5% vol.
Intense ruby red wine with purplish highlights. Full bouquet, slightly grassy, fruity and spicy. In the mouth it boasts an excellent body and successfully couples with roasted white meats, game and mature cheeses. Serve at a temperature of 18-20 °C.