Belcorvo Blend /
List of sparkling wines
Probello Frizzante
Pale yellow in colour with greenish hues. Fruity and floral to the nose. Fresh and distinctive to the palate.
Can accompany the entire meal, but especially ideal with pasta dishes in general and fish-based dishes. The perfect apéritif.
Bollerosa Frizzante
Rose coloured with purplish highlights. Fruity hints of red berries. Pleasantly fresh to the palate.
Ideal as an apéritif and with seafood, shellfish and fish-based pasta dishes.
Petalo Rosso Frizzante
Purplish red in colour. Fruity to the nose with hints of wild berries, especially raspberries. Pleasingly crisp to the palate.
The ideal accompaniment to cold dishes, especially with tomatoes and mozzarella and chicken salads. Also perfect for the entire meal.
Amaoro Frizzante
Deep golden yellow in colour. A distinctive bouquet with hints of ripe fruit. Pleasingly crisp and sweet to the palate.
Perfect with cream-based or dry desserts, and ideal as an apéritif for those with a sweet palate.